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Solar Science Looks Bright at Fairgreen
Posted 15/12/2019 09:07AM

As the first fully solar school in the UAE, Fairgreen has been given a unique opportunity to showcase their campus and student involvement, to the global solar industry.

Fairgreen International School is proud to have teachers that are leaders and innovators not just within but also beyond classroom walls. Driven by passion, our teachers are world-class athletes, musicians, farmers and scientists.

Fairgreen MYP Science Teacher, Mr. Adam Hall, is one shining example! He is brightening up not only our classrooms but houses and communities all over the world with his Million Solar Stars project and social enterprise.

Mr. Hall was inspired by the “Million Tree Programme”, which is spearheaded by Dr. Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots organization, and is aimed at planting one million trees, while teaching young people about sustainability, conservation, wildlife, ecology and humanity. Mr. Hall, wondered if he could do the same thing with solar energy. Could the Million Solar Stars Project encourage one million students to innovate and create solar power for schools?

Students start by building models to experience and understand how solar power works. By testing the models and using the tools they have acquired, they redesign, remodel and rebuild them to work on a much larger scale.

Students are encouraged to break records, challenge other schools, create fundraising campaigns and inspire other students to get involved. It is a merry-go-round platform, where students inspire others, in turn building and building.

Traveling to the United States for a Solar Future Today conference and gala in Beverly Hills, Mr. Hall was recently able to present his programme, and passion for solar energy to an audience of esteemed guests and leaders in the solar energy industry. The event attendees were knowledgeable, interesting, and from diverse backgrounds. Clean tech legends, policy makers, scientists, and Hollywood actor, Jimmy Jean-Louis were in attendance, and Mr. Hall was able to share his journey and idea of Million Solar Stars and his excitement of being part of the first fully sustainable school in the UAE here at Fairgreen.

“People showed a high level of interest in our efforts at Fairgreen. Several expressed their interest in partnership opportunities and in potentially supplying clean tech educational resources for our school.”

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